Just because…..

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it’s so sweet. Thought these messages were too beautiful not to share. For more of artist Rob Ryan’s work, click here. Hope everyone has a memorable New Year!


Happy Holidays!

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(Photo by Susan Pittard from Handknit Holidays)
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday!

In the name of….

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your favorite 4-legged friend (or human), why not donate to an animal welfare charity? I’m pretty sure our dogs and cats are not distinguishing the bones, treats, and presents we give them over the holiday season from any other day. But to acknowledge how special they are in our lives, a donation to organizations that support animal rights issues seems like a perfect holiday gift (of course, in addition to their treats). Especially during these difficult economic times, there has been an increase in people abandoning their pets. This is consequently overcrowding shelters requiring them to turn animals away or euthanize them.

Now more than ever, these organizations need donations to help support the situation. I might have a soft spot in my heart for this cause because of my own shelter dog, Oliver (see above), but it doesn’t take much more than visiting some of the websites of these organizations for you to want to give to them.

Some suggestions:
{2} Humane Society International
{3} PAWS Chicago

Better yet, if you’re in a financial position to have a pet and have always wanted one in your life, do it now! Go to your local pet shelter and adopt! They are truly incredible creatures that enrich your lives in so many ways.

Everyday, we love and are loved by this 90 pounder who couldn’t make us Swiffer more in 100+ lifetimes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Although, it would be nice if he knew how to Swiffer…..

Happy Friday!

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Hope you enjoy your Friday as much as this little guy.

Toki @ Steven Alan

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Since some items are just not available on the Toki shop site, you’ll have to check out some of our retailers. Steven Alan put some new Toki styles and staples on their site. Click here to find some Toki.
Besides the jewels, it’s also a great place to pick up your favorite Diptyque candle (Baies Noir…my favorite!) and this bright blue Comme des Garcons wallet and maybe this cute and quite soft looking Steven Alan travel bag. Oh shoot, and this Steven Alan flannel.

If I was a little kid….

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I think I’d go nuts at Pomme in Dumbo. My niece, on the otherhand, would go nuts at Target or Toys R’ Us hoarding every princess she could get her hands on. Creepy dolls, Barbies, princesses, no thank you. However, if I was allowed to create a wish list for her, I think I would start at Pomme and then pick up a few pieces for myself. All of this is available on their shop site. {1} Love Pillow by Atsuyo et Akiko {2} Hello Hippo! Soft Hippo by Bullyland {3} Birds of a Feather mobile by Helene Ige {4} Everyone knows MONCCHICHI (well, maybe my 5 year old niece doesn’t). Hopefully this classic will make a comeback. {5} Baby Play Blanket

If I had a storefront….

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I think it would look like this. We walked by this Parisian store on Rue de la Paix almost everyday on our visit. And everytime, I had my nose to the window. Finally, I decided to take a picture of it on one of our last days in Paris. think it was predominantly a shoe store with some clothes, but like I said, I was too distracted by the pretty window display that I forgot to investigate further.
Maybe it’s this store front that got me on a ballerina kick, but I’m loving these beautiful photos by Tim Evan Cook.
(images from Tim Evan Cook & Art Department)

Holiday Sale!

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In case you need some holiday gift ideas, swing by our sale this weekend! Items from previous collections, samples, styles that never made the cut and one-of-a-kind pieces will be available for purchase. And in the spirit of giving, we will be giving back as well. 10% of all proceeds will go to the ASPCA. If you’re not sure what to get your friends or family this holiday season, consider gifting a donation to their favorite cause or philanthropy in their name. Check out ASPCA’s Holiday Honor Gift. Not a bad idea.

Holiday Cake Balls by Miss Crunchy

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cakeballs1If you live in NYC, make sure to place your orders for cake balls from my girl, Julie (of Crunchy Jewels fame) for the holidays. Red velvet cake balls dipped in white chocolate covered with coconut, I’ll take a dozen please, make that two! For more info and to order, email

Saint Germain…..

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It’s been a little over a month since we’ve been back from Paris and while I thought the feeling would subside, it hasn’t. I still miss Paris. Who wouldn’t? Even through the rain and the cold, there is something magical about the city. Saint Germain may have been my favorite neighborhood. Some highlights include, Kusmi Tea (best packaging!), Isabel Marant (wish she had a store stateside…), and this chair (yes please!).