{Israel Part Two} Dogs, a cat, and a cow…

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Wherever we went, there always seemed to be a stray dog or cat. They are everywhere in Israel. There were some that appeared to be stray but were actually just free to roam around, eventually going home to their people. Some without collars, some with but no tags. No one seemed to have their dogs on leashes either since there didn’t seem to be a need. There was one German Shepard puppy that I encountered at the moshav we were staying at that particularly reminded me of Mister Oliver. He just sat in the middle of the road with one ear up, the other flopping down and stared. It may have been the one moment I didn’t have my camera on me.

A friendly senior we met in Safed. He stopped to let us pet him and then kept going the direction he was heading.

A very well groomed Pekingnese who unfortunately was blind and had no eyes. Despite his/her lack of sight, this cute pup was very aware of it’s surroundings and turned my way when I took the photograph.

Met this little guy when we visited a Bedouin tent. He was in rough shape at the time with some noticeable mobility issues. Since our return, however, he now has a name (Lassie) and received the veterinary care he needed! Don’t be fooled by the fierce fang photo. I caught Lassie in mid yawn. He was gentle and friendly as could be.

A lone cat wandering the ruins of Capernaum.

One of many cows surrounding the Bedouin tent.


Chris Taylor wears TOKI

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It’s a little hard to see, but Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear is stacked with Toki jewelry! When I got the request to pull some pieces for his new solo album CANT, I couldn’t wait to see the results. He’s just one of those effortlessly stylish guys that doesn’t have to do much but just stand there in a white t-shirt, jeans, throw on some jewelry, and have his tattoos peak out a little bit and boom, there you go. He’s also one of those guys that can really pull off jewelry. Thanks to the wickedly talented photographer team Samantha West and Nick Kapros and stylist Marina Schindler!
(Image courtesy of Samantha West)