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Our beloved “Studio Manager,” Oliver had a hell of a week. Day in and day out, I would check to see if this strange little woogie he developed on his lower lid was getting smaller. Although it didn’t seem to bother him, minus a few paw rubs here and there, I kept thinking how annoyed I would be if I had something like that on my eye! So, I got a rec from his vet and they sent me to a Veterinary OPTHAMOLOGIST! After a three, yes THREE part diagnostic test, we were able to get a diagnosis on the mysterious growth. The test included 3 blasts of pressure into his eye, litmus like paper shoved underneath his eyeball for SIXTY SECONDS (I’m still not understanding why it had to be for sixty seconds), and then to top it off, the doc turned off all the lights and started to flash different colored lights into his eye. I was beside myself. (sigh) All I could do (from the corner I was sitting in so they could do their job) was throw out intermittent words of encouragement like, “you’re such a good boy” and “you’re ok.” All the while, he didn’t take his eyes off me and it broke my heart to see him so scared. Diagnosis: impacted STY which will require surgery. (Double sigh)

So, you think it ends there. What may have been more stressful than the eye appointment for our dear Oliver is the bath he had to endure. Not that he’s bound for the Westminster Dog Show, but his level of barn animal smell was starting to reach that intolerable level. Yes, I know…the natural oil from a dog’s coat is good for them. But when he starts feeling slick to the touch and he is sporting some serious “guido” like hair, it’s time to bust out the grooming kit. While I normally send him to the groomer, I thought to myself that I’m missing out on this “bonding” time with my buddy. Bath NEVER equals bonding time. It was total chaos from the time we turned on the shower. Wet dog running around the house trying to get water out of his ear, hair flying everywhere, utter chaos. But, after the dust settled (after some blow drying), he came out quite sparkly clean and fuzzy. And for now, all is good and quiet.



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