I’m back….

Posted in Uncategorized by tokicollection on September 8, 2009

albert1albert2 (1)flamingo
from a long hiatus of blogging. No good excuse except perhaps the summer was quite busy. Not to say that I didn’t “fake” blog. I have about a dozen drafts that I never posted….again, for no good reason. But, I’m back and to kick things off, I’d like you to meet Albert, the new resident plant at the studio. It’s a Snake Plant and for someone who has the worst green thumb on the planet (like myself), it’s the best kind to get. Apparently, it’s the hardest one to kill.

To spruce things up in the studio and to detox the air, my mom decided to get Albert for me (thank you!). Just to make sure that I really wouldn’t kill this alleged resilient to practically anything plant, I did a little research. And good thing I did! Snake plants, while beneficial, can also be highly toxic to animals. Enter Oliver, our “studio manager” and resident canine. Luckily he has never liked greens, but good info to know in case he changes his mind.

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