Posted in Uncategorized by tokicollection on December 14, 2007


So, I finally decided to revamp my poor excuse of a website by hiring some wickedly talented friends to design a pretty slick site for Toki. (Thank you Tomo & Dave). I’ve never met Dave/aka Super D (he’s kind of like the wizard behind the curtain), but I can’t wait to see the site when he’s done programming it! Tomo, thank you for your endless patience. AND I couldn’t of had such beautiful photos without the genius of none other than Jay Lewis. After two full days of hunting for props in NYC and painstakingly setting up the tedious jewelry shots with the wonderful assistance of my girl Julie of Crunchy Jewels, we shot over 75 pieces of jewelry and also managed to squeeze in an embarrasing mini photoshoot of me (awkward…..). So, the road to get to this point was arduous, long, but nevertheless, it’s been exciting, new, and definitely worth the time! The site is almost done, but not quite there yet. So, until then, I will keep you all posted via the Toki Blog.

Make sure to cruise through my Friends and Give links! I’ve met some smart, talented, and supportive people along the way, as well as encountered some amazing causes & philanthropies that are worth a look. Thanks for everyone’s support!


Studio space in Stuart & Wright (Thanks Alec & Celeste!) Such an involved set up for such tiny tiny jewelry!


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